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It is crucial to have an engaged and vibrant board that who will drive the strategic leadership, oversight and governance of your business as the board will help to generate more balanced decision-making. A good board helps to develop good leadership, whilst ensuring that your business strategy aligns with your mission, purpose values.

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With extensive knowledge and decades of experience ,we are able to ignite your organisations true power and unlock its unlimited potential. Here's a quick snipet on how do it.

• how to achieve good corporate governance

• help you achieve purpose driven leadership

• ensure that your growth strategy aligns with your purpose and vision

• facilitate strategy planning days

• help you make smarter financial decisions

• evaluate your board

Corporate Governance

Ensure your board leads effectively. Learn proper structures, frameworks, risk management, and more.

Leadership Development

Become an empowering, purpose-driven leader. Gain skills to motivate teams, manage change, and foster innovation.

Strategic Planning

Drive growth through cohesive, insight-led strategy. Align purpose, values, trends, strengths, and opportunities

Understanding Finance

Make smart financial decisions. Grasp accounting basics, funding options, forecasts, and early distress signs.

Ignite your potential

With decades of experience sparking success, our time-tested methodologies can help reignite your organization's purpose and cultivate an empowered, achievement-driven culture. The future is yours to shape. But first you must light that spark. Contact us today to unleash your team's limitless potential. With the right spark, your fire can transform tomorrow.

Experience fueled by innovation

Our analysis

How We Help Ignite Your Business

  • Construct a Strong Foundation

    Everything starts with a solid foundation. We help you build an effective governance structure and capable board that steers your company's strategic vision. By ensuring you have the right frameworks in place to support growth, we enable long-term success.

  • Cultivate Empowered Leadership

    Great leaders don't just manage—they inspire. We develop the interpersonal skills and purpose-driven mindset your managers need to motivate teams, foster innovation, and guide your company through change.

  • Light the Spark Within Each Employee

    Every person has untapped potential. Through immersive leadership training and coaching, we bring out the best in your people. By igniting their talents and passion, your entire workforce becomes a force for achieving your strategic goals.

Role of the Board
Our goals

Proven Methodologies

  1. Establish Strong Corporate Governance

Our goal is to help you implement effective governance models, board structures, frameworks, and risk management. By ensuring robust oversight and leadership at the top, we aim to set up your company for sustainable success.

  1. Enable Strategic Thinking

Through our strategic planning services, our goal is to empower your leaders to drive cohesive, insight-led strategy aligned with your purpose and values. We aim to equip you to capitalize on opportunities and navigate threats.

  1. Enhance Financial Acumen

By improving financial literacy across your board and management, our goal is to help you make smart funding, investment, and growth decisions. We aim to provide the skills to optimize finances.

  1. Develop Capable Leadership

From C-suite executives to frontline managers, our goal is to cultivate empowering, purpose-driven leadership at all levels. Through coaching and development programs, we strive to boost interpersonal skills and transform managers into motivational leaders.

Unlocking Your Potential Powerhouse


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What her clients say :


“We engaged Inez, at Mckenzie Brown Consultancy, to deliver a motivational address during our annual year-end meeting for the team. It is often uncertain what to expect from a guest speaker, regarding the potential for resonance with the team and relevance to the business. In contrast, Inez not only demonstrated a keen understanding of our company’s goals, values, mission, and purpose but also tailored her presentation to align seamlessly with these aspects. Her delivery was both professional and infused with elements of well-placed humour. Moreover, Inez’s charming demeanour significantly contributed to fostering meaningful engagement with our team on a personal level.”


Director of Operations, EMEA
Miss Macaroon

Down to earth and picked up the subject understanding really well. Used first-hand experience to provide input and suggestions. Allowed conversations to flow. Great Facilitation- involvement was pitched just right and enabled the session to move along and keep the momentum going

Rosie Ginday MBE

CEO and Founder

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