Helping your business to understand:

  • The difference between leadership and management.
  • Leader’s role in relation to purpose, values and strategy of your business.
  • Characteristics of successful leaders and different leadership styles
  • How to have good awareness of self and others
  • How to understand leadership talent.
  • How to identify key interpersonal skills required in a leadership role
  • How to motivate
  • The purpose of teams, commitment, and competence
  • To understand board dynamics, evaluating high-performance and dysfunctional board behaviour.
  • How to deal with conflicts within teams
  • How to define organisation culture
  • How to analyse personal and social responses to risk/establishing a risk-aware culture in the organisation.
  • How to understand ethical awareness
  • A culture of innovation.
  • How to identify critical factors leading to successful organisational change.
  • Construction of a stakeholder map and relevant engagement strategies.
  • The benefits and challenges of leading an environmentally and social responsible organisation.